2016 Trends with Sheryl Connelly

Meet Sheryl Connelly, Manager, Global Consumer Trends and Futuring, Ford Motor Company. Sheryl insights helps Ford make the right calls about simplifying the process of buying a car and providing exactly what car buyers really need.


I had the pleasure meeting Sheryl through my relationship with Ford as a social media influencer and recently I spoke to her about the meaning of tracking trends for Ford. She is a brilliant woman who has perfected the skill to bring in lots of different information happening in the world, figure out futuristic trends and make sense of them at a micro and macro level.

Sheryl what are the newest trends at Ford? At Ford we talk about two type of trends: MACRO Trends – which are the global big picture, big impact trendsetter slow moving that include things like aging population, rise in urban city, obesity worldwide. They are slow moving and will be around for 2 ,3, 4 decades.

We also try to watch for other things of the spectrum, things that are emerging and we call those MICRO Trends. We call them MICRO Trends because they have a shorter shelf life from 2 to 4 years. Some of the MICRO trends will grow old and become strong MACRO Trends. Only time will tell.

Sheryl talked with excitement about the fourth annual edition of Ford MICRO Trends, a compilation of the most compelling movements across the globe that are shaping how we live, work and engage with the world around us. She shared the focus on 2016 themes of inspiration, ingenuity and a strengthened sense of self-identity.


A trend that I loved hearing about was inspiration, which came from embracing heroes among communities and individuals who were redefining what it meant to be a good citizen, a good neighbor, a good person. The world is hungry for these stories and eager to share them.


Please click here to check the amazing 2016 Ford Trends Book. It will give you some incredible insights of how our world is moving forward and how this collection of trends helps Ford look beyond the auto industry to comprehend what’s happening in social, technological, economic, environmental and political arenas, and creates a blueprint to understand how these trends are expected to influence products and brands for the next year and beyond.



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Author: Lynn Ponder

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