#BeNumberless is an Attitude

It is not easy to be an immigrant, not at all. And the “older” we are when we migrate, the more difficult it gets. My name is Claudia LaRue and I discovered webcitygirls MOVEMENT #BeNumberless on Facebook. I have been living in the United States for several years, and the truth is that this move has been quite challenging. Without a doubt, when trying to enter the labor market, this is when we become aware of the biases that exist when a person over 35 years old applies for a job.

In her book Unfinished Business, Anne-Marie Slaughter advocates a cultural shift in which the professional experience women gain over the years is better valued. Ms. Slaughter proposes that women with grown children have a lot more time to invest in their careers. As an example, she cites Hillary Clinton, who has a long professional history and the necessary time to dedicate it to serving her country. Without a doubt, experience cannot be improvised.


I support the #BeNumberless Movement because it seeks to lay aside biases, so that we can focus on people. There is a lot of talk these days about “personal brands.” Now that I am building my personal brand, I am focusing in what I am, in what I want to accomplish and what I want my contribution to this world to be. And I will not be a number. This attitude has filled me with optimism, and I am convinced that this will keep opening doors for me.

This does not mean that we will be making ourselves younger, or to pretend to be what we are not. It means that will not let ourselves be trapped, limited or defined by a number. We are more than that, much more. I am numberless because I am worth much more! And now is the time for society to realize this.

Claudia LaRue

Claudia LaRue

Author: Claudia LaRue

With a diverse non-profit corporate social responsibility (CSR) background in foundations, United Nations, and international agency/NGO program management, Claudia LaRue leverages her expertise in program design, implementation and microfinance to further the strategic partnership goals of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), community economic development, Latin American/Hispanic, and women's and gender issues.