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I have been so blessed to have the opportunity to work as a social media influencer. I get to meet many people and have established some wonderful relationships. One of the things that I like the most about social media is that it encourages you to concentrate in subjects that you are passionate about.

I absolutely love children and I’m always looking for ways to bring out the best in them, to let them know that they are loved and that they matter. I love taking advantage of teachable moments, encouraging them to make good choices. That is why when I first heard that Sprint partnered with ASPIRA of Florida, to launch the Sprint Mobile Mentorship Program at the Hispanicize conference last year where they were asking notable influencers to help champion Latino Youth by becoming a Mobile Mentor, I just had to jump on that. Talking about good choices, this was a great one for me.

Nailah Allen my mentee and I:


Nailah Allen is an outstanding mentee from Aspira DE/CO Charter School, she is a super sweet 14 year old who always looks at the bright side of everything and as a matter of fact she is a straight A student.She told me that she would like to attend the best High School that will better prepare her for college. How’s that for the wishes of a young adolescent girl? We talked about her 8th grade “Prom” party coming up and when I asked her what color dress she was wearing for the “Big Party”, she said that she hadn’t bought her outfit yet.

I decided to contact Ms. Emma the Activity Director from Aspira and I asked her if she knew how many of the kids had already purchased their suits or gowns. She said that many of the students were not going to buy anything new, because parents couldn’t afford to buy them a new outfit.

Inspired by JCPenney participation with “Yes to the Prom” a program designed to build courage and self-confidence among young women. I reached out to them to get as many students a special outfit for their exclusive night.

Here is the video story of this wonderful experience with JCPenney:

I wanted the kids to feel confident about themselves and to have a really fun time. I want them to feel loved and to know that there are people who really care about them and want them to succeed in life.


Congratulations to the 2016 Graduating Class from Aspira Arts Deco, you have a great future ahead of you. I am here for you if you ever want to talk or need a shoulder to cry on. God bless you always.


Special thank you’s go out to  JCPenney, Ford Motor Company, We Click Any Time, Hispanicize, Nevarez Communications, Bohemian Sound, Fernando Rodriguez, Maria Marin, Harold Silva and Maria Agelvis for your contributions making dreams come true.

Linda Ponder

Author: Linda Ponder

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