How To Stay Looking Youthful As You Grow Older

There are some lucky women who still get ID’ed at 35, even though they are toting three children and jangling a set of car keys. However, for some of us, we look our age and reflect the age that we are as we grow.

If this is the case with you, you may be looking for a few ways to keep looking young even as the years pass by. Well, you’re now in the right place! Here are a few ways that you can stay looking youthful as your grow older.

First up, your face. We are wrinkle-free as children, but over the years they start to appear. Being more gentle with your skin can make a huge difference. Whether you are applying makeup with brushes or removing products from your face, go steady. Dragging your skin around will make it age quicker. Also, find an anti-aging cream that works for you. When applying, don’t forget your neck! Anti-aging creams can really help your facial features and cheeks but sweep downwards too. Be sure to cover your neck and all the way down to your collarbone.

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There are a number of ways to spot if hair loss may be a part of your future. So, signs of hair loss include if it falls out when you are stressed. It may also become thinner, and you may spot some small bald patches.

If these things have been happening to you, you may want to start taking preventative measures. Avoid things that damage hair- it just doesn’t need the extra stress! So, put down that bottle of hair dye and go back to your natural hair. Let your hair dry naturally after washing and avoid heated tools and tongs. In general, just be more gentle with your hair. No tugging it with your hairbrush, no letting it get super knotty. You may also wish to research ways to promote hair growth before the problem gets any worse.

How To Stay Looking Youthful As You Grow Older

You also need to be thinking about what you are putting into your body. There are certain foods that help keep you youthful. Sadly, these things are not chocolate and potato chips! Anti-aging food includes things like Pomegranates. Thanks to their high Vitamin C content, they plump up your skin up and protect it from sun damage.

On the topic of sun damage, this is another thing that will age you far faster than usual. Avoid the midday sun, wear a hat and keep yourself topped up with a UVA and UVB sun lotion.


There is also something to be said for your mental attitude. Some say that psychological health is about how you feel about yourself. It is not about how old you look- or how old it says you are on paper! Your muscles and bones will start to shrink if you stop using them as you age. Once they do it is far more challenging to get them back to where they used to be. Keep moving. Keep exercising. Keep active. Learn how to be numberless. No matter what your age, be it 20, 40, 60 or 80, act youthful. Your body and mind will thank you for it.





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