What is Financial Independence?

I am glad to be collaborating by writing this blog sponsored by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) whose purpose is to help you secure your future and protect the ones you love. Independence Day is around the corner, so it makes sense to apply this powerful word of independence into the structure of our financial reality. Although this blog is sponsored by MassMutual all opinions are my own.

Financial independence for me as an entrepreneur means creating my own opportunities to prosper, working passionately doing what I love. I create content from a positive point of view and share on the blog webcitygirls.com as well as on our favorite social media networks Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and Facebook. Before becoming an influencer/blogger I was a successful producer owner of an international production company in Miami and Mexico. Reinvention into the digital space meant a transition to a new career which came with challenges. The first time I got a compensated opportunity was a memorable moment to be grateful and celebrate.


Now on my way to steady growth of economic success, I firmly believe that planning correctly through saving for retirement and making wise financial decisions is key to financial independence. This is where MassMutual can help!!! When you are right out of college you want financial independence and you should work towards your goals, just keep in mind that it takes time and planning. Through different periods in my life, I have had ups and downs as an entrepreneur, but I stayed focused. Honestly, nothing gets in my way of creating prosperity and the financial independence I need for retirement.

Seven TIPS to keep on track (click on the links for further and great advise):

  1. Avoid consumer debt. Try not to carry credit card balance. Buy what you can afford and use credit cards for things you can afford to pay back.
  2. Stop accumulating stuff. Buy what you really need.
  3. Spend much less than you earn by keeping track of your expenses.
  4. Get a good life insurance policy to help protect your family. Upon your death, the proceeds of a life insurance policy can help provide for your loved ones when you are not there to help pay expenses such as Mortgage Payments, College Tuition, Outstanding Debt and Monthly income.
  5. Prioritize saving ahead of everything else.
  6. Work hard to increase your income.
  7. Always keep your career or business moving forward. Diversify how you can make money.

Please join me and MassMutual in learning all about Financial Independence this July. Follow along and share your own story, so we can all learn from each other in our life journey towards financial independence. MassMutual will help you get there. We will be using hashtag #HelpYouGetThere on MassMutual Twitter and Facebook okis!

Author: Lynn Ponder

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