#BeNumberless Inspires Me

At the end of March this year just before my birthday I came across a live video of Maria Marin where Lynn Ponder was a special guest that day. In that episode Lynn Ponder mentioned the #Secret that she was going to reveal on April 7. The #Secret caught my attention because it made me think of the movie The Secret and the Law of Attraction which I have been studying for many years.

Her pink wig and the #Secret led me to find out more about Lynn Ponder and follow WebCityGirls, not only on Facebook but on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat too. When I saw that Gaby Espino was supporting Lynn Ponder and the #Secret, I was interested even more because Gaby Espino is a beautiful woman that I admire a lot.

April 7 arrived and when I discovered that the #Secret was about a concept called #BeNumberless, I felt very inspired and identified with the movement because even though I have a young spirit and feel that my life is just beginning, I realized that as time passes people begin to judge you by your age. Once you reach a certain age they look at you differently, they put you in a square box and have expectations of you based on the opinion of others, and that’s when I began to hide my age.

#BeNumberless inspires me because I believe that no one should be judged by their age or their weight, or any other number that can be attributed. We all came into this world with talent and a purpose in life that goes beyond a number.

Let me share a dream called Another Mind Magazine which came from an idea I had 13 years ago when seeking to help other people like me to find their own identity. But it was not until 10 years later that I was able to see my idea take shape with the help of friend Vinicio Henriquez Photographer when together we created the concept of ​​what this magazine is today.

We are two people of different generations united with a common purpose, and it was the need to overcome the stigma of being either too old or too young that led us to seek an alternative way of overcoming our obstacles while helping others. As we noticed how society tends to limit people’s job opportunities based on one’s age.


And now that my daughters are already becoming young ladies, I feel the need to pave the way and contribute to society by creating a place where I can give them and other young people the tools to see that they have other opportunities, and not allow themselves to be carried away by the ideas of this society that tries to put barriers on what they can or can’t do either because of their gender or age.


I want my daughters to see that one can make an impact in life no matter how old we are, I want my little one to see that if she wants to have her own bakery that she can start from now, that she doesn’t have to wait to be an adult to achieve her dream and show my oldest how to find her purpose in life while helping others like her to find theirs.

At AnotherMindMagazine.com we support Lynn Ponder and WebCityGirls in the #BeNumberless movement.

Another Mind Magazine is a bilingual online magazine that seeks to show people the world in a different perspective, our goal is to positively impact as many people as possible by helping others find their focus, and their passion. We have many new things planned, including the addition of an extension of the magazine for teens in which we want to empower youth to find their purpose early in life and realize they can also #BeNumberless as many think they have to wait to be adults to achieve their dreams, but we all have our talents, and no matter how old we are we always have the power to achieve them.


Laura Vivoni

Author: Laura Vivoni

Mother, Dream Builder Life Coach, Co-Owner, Editor y Writer Another Mind Magazine. Wanting to Impact the World Positively. Deseando Impactar el Mundo Positivamente.