Latinas Lets Give Power To Each Other

National Puerto Rican Day Parade NYC 2016:


My last trip to New York in June was a blessing. I was invited to be part of the “National Puerto Rican Day Parade” and Gala 2016 where I mingled with industry leaders and latino celebrities. A new and wonderful prospect materialized every day of this trip, as I casually networked and talked about empowering women through my movement Be Numberless.

Emilio Estefan at the Gala National Puerto Rican Parade NYC:


One of the most exciting opportunities that happened during this trip, was to become the brand ambassador for “100 Hispanic Women National”. A true honor to expand the empowering mission of 100HW, a non-profit for the past 21 years, dedicated to guiding Latinas towards excellence in leadership by fostering educational enrichment and creating opportunities to promote our personal and professional advancement.

Would you like to be part of 100HW’s community of women who truly empower each other? If you say YES, we want to meet YOU and if you live in New York we have a special invitation for you to become a member of thriving and vibrant “100 Hispanic Women National”. Latinas Lets Give Power To Each Other!!!

The lively Nancy Genova, President shares 100HW Vision:To inspire Latinas to maximize their strengths and potential in order to become equal partners in an empowered world of equal opportunity with equal justice, recognition, respect, and dignity.”. Powerful words indeed and now more than ever women should unite to give power to each other for a better and kinder world.

Me and Nancy Genova, President “100 Hispanic Women National”


Become a member and meet fabulous latina entrepreneurs, corporate executives and many other women affecting positive change throughout the country. Membership program consists of SCHOLARSHIP opportunities, Graduate Fellowship Program, Internship Program. Annual events include health and wellness ‘Mind, Body, and Spirit Conference, Anniversary Gala’ and so much more.

Are you in? Please visit NEW updated site >>> and JOIN the organization!  I will keep you in the know about all the wonderful things 100HW is up to and about an event that will be creating in New York for 100HW awesome community of Latinas that give power to each other!!!

Thank you!!! Gracias!!!!


Author: Lynn Ponder

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