Nat Geo Mundo Estrena La Cuba de Hoy Mañana

Need something to watch tomorrow night? Look no further than Nat Geo Mundo, which will be airing the first episode of its highly anticipated two-part special, La Cuba de Hoy.

The special closes Nat Geo Mundo’s celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month and offers viewers a look at the Cuba of today and the significant change that has occurred since President Barack Obama met with Raúl Castro in December of 2014. From the perspective of a first-time visitor to Cuba, Cuban-American anthropologist and National Geographic correspondent Mireya Mayor, we get an up-close look at age-old traditions, efforts to preserve a cherished essence, the evolution of a culture, and a return home after its evolution.

“Es un honor para mí poder compartir este viaje con los espectadores de Nat Geo Mundo, explorando mi tierra y viendo desde adentro el país dinámico en el que Cuba se ha transformado, con grandes cambios culturales y económicos en tan poco tiempo”, expresó Mayor. “LA CUBA DE HOY muestra un cuadro real de Cuba en la actualidad, contado por aquellas personas que recibieron el mayor impacto del restablecimiento de las relaciones con Estados Unidos, incluyendo cubanos, líderes de las industrias florecientes y aquellos que ahora pueden visitar una tierra que alguna vez se congeló en el tiempo”.


Episode 1, “A Puertas Abiertas” (“Embracing Change”), airs tomorrow, October 2 at 8 PM ET/PT, and focuses on commerce and financial and technological enhancements, including the expansion of Wi-Fi as well as the challenges historic hotels and local restaurants now face in adapting to accommodate a growing amount of visitors.

Episode 2, “Un Nuevo Son” (“A New Rhythm”), highlights the impact of restored U.S. relations in culture, discussing topics such as religion, art, and architecture. We will follow Mayor as she collects personal narratives that demonstrate the influence of recent visits from figures such as Pope Francis and engages in meetings with Cuban ballet dancer Alicia Alonso and artists like Willy Chirino, who share their stories and the impact that Cuba has had on their careers. The episode airs next Sunday, October 9 at 8 PM ET/PT.

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