Are you thinking about your Children’s College Education?

This post is sponsored by the Florida Prepaid College Board, through my role as a Believer Blogger. Can you believe we just celebrated Valentine’s?  It seems like Christmas was just here yesterday. This is exactly how quickly life goes by and before you even realize it, they are off to college. This is why I’m here today to talk to you about preparing for the future.  Our children’s college education is fundamental and it’s also a huge expense that we need to prepare ourselves for. The sooner the better, I promise you this will be one decision that you will never regret, in fact you will be so relieved that you did.  Besides, it speaks volumes to your children that you have believed in them from the very beginning and Florida Prepaid has very affordable plans to choose from.


Florida families can now take advantage of prepaid tuition plans that remain near historic lows for the third year running, Open enrollment will be ending on February 28. And its the only time each year that families can purchase one of the Florida Prepaid College Board’s five prepaid tuition plans and prepaid dormitory plans.

“We encourage families to start saving now, by selecting the plan that best fits their college savings goals.” said Board Chairman John Rood.

This year, families can purchase a 4-Year Florida University Plan for a newborn for as low as $187 a month, a 2 + 2 Florida Plan for under $148 a month or a 4-Year Florida College Plan for less than $117 a month. The 1-Year Florida University Plan for a newborn starts as low as $47 per month and covers 30 university credit hours. Multiple family members can purchase a 1-Year Florida University Plan for the same beneficiary, effectively sharing in the cost of a university degree.


Be wise and start saving today for your children’s future college education. You may use promo code: BLOG1617 and your enrollment fee will be completely free. I hope you have a wonderful 2017. You are now in for a great start!


Linda Ponder

Author: Linda Ponder

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