Women’s History Month with UnstoppableLATINAS

Women’s History Month is an annual declared month that highlights the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society. Reason why WebCityGirls has partnered with 100 Hispanic Women National non-profit organization, to bring you a unique and impactful women’s Summit from New York City.

UnstoppableLATINAS Leadership Summit will celebrate successful women helping other women succeed. Expect candid conversations about how to collaborate with other women without fear and rivalry, how to be a leader that truly shares the knowledge for others to thrive.

Learn from Laura I. Gómez leading voice in tech entrepreneurship who will share insights of her remarkable journey in Silicon Valley creating startup Atipica, a talent discovery engine that uses human and artificial intelligence helping companies understand the lifetime of their recruiting data, which raised $2Million in venture capital.


Meet and learn from PowerHouse Visionaries in media and digital leadership discussing real issues as women visionary leaders: Lili Gil Valleta, Carolina Santamarina, Lucienne Gigante, Liz Blacker and Madelin Bosakewich.


Engage in a truthful conversation about collaborating without competition with passionate social media influencers who have created impactful positive platforms: Lynn Ponder, Ivette Mayo and Olga María.


Workshop: “Radiance and well-being is the NEW business card! Discover how to apply all learnings from #UnstoppableLATINAS Leadership Summit with powerful Certified Life Coach, María Caso.


Please REGISTER as tickets are limited:

Visit unstoppablelatinas.com and JOIN the conversation online using hashtag: #UnstoppableLATINAS

We look forward to your contribution to #UnstoppableLATINAS Leadership Summit NYC on March 27!



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