WebCityGirls Presents: #UnstoppableLATINAS Tech Leadership Keynote Laura I. Gómez Impactful Video!

UnstoppableLATINAS, new concept to unite women and give power to each other recently premiered in the capital of the world, New York City is reaching women globally through social media platforms.

#UnstoppableLATINAS became a trend multiple times, inspiring countless results of motivation and success, and triggered more than 85 million impressions on Twitter, where it also became the # 1 Trending Topic.

The main voices of this impactful conference were a number of powerful women and corporate leaders which began with a wonderful Keynote by Laura I. Gomez, technology leader from Silicon Valley and a champion of diversity, winner of first-ever #UnstoppableLATINAS Leadership award for her excellence inspiring generations to come. Please click on the picture above and view the video, we are confident it will inspire you to rise-up!

“Any young lady or young men in the audience, please feel free to GO push yourselves towards learning how to code, it is the literacy of the 21st Century.” ~ Laura I. Gómez

Poignant content and valuable lessons united and fostered the collaboration of Latinas attending the #UnstoppableLATINAS conference, as well as those who followed it virtually. The forum was noted for its importance and impact on various social networking platforms, attracting attention using Facebook Live all-day sharing different content segments from the Summit.

Ponder recently announced that #UnstoppableLATINAS 2018 Summit will travel to Austin, Texas, because it is a student driven and tech community where this great mission of uniting multicultural women and support their mutual growth will continue evolving.

The Summit had the support of Spanish Broadcasting System, LaMúsica app, JCPenney, AARP New York, Marriott New York East Side, Neutrogena, Ford Motor Company, The American Heart Association, Dr. Alberto S. Gallerani, (Board Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery), National Puerto Rican Day Parade Inc., Petit Pois by Viviana Gabeiras, MomsRising, and Fleriser Bello Event and Marketing.

Join the conversation online using hashtag: #UnstoppableLATINAS and please comment about how the Summit impacted yoU! GRACIAS ❤

Visit unstoppablelatinas.com








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