Juanes Hace Historia Con #MisPlanesSonAmarte

After a very long wait, el cantautor colombiano Juanes has finally released his new visual album Mis Planes Son Amarte.

Siguiendo los pasos de artistas como Beyoncé, who kicked off the visual album trend in 2016 with the Grammy Award-winning Lemonade, Juanes now brings us his own visual narrative que es una verdadera obra de arte. A collection of 12 amazing tracks, each with its own corresponding video, Mis Planes Son Amarte is the first visual album by a major Latin music artist and follows the story of a Colombian astronaut on a search for love.

mis planes son amarte juanes

Directed by Latin Grammy winner Kacho López Mari, the project has been creating tremendous anticipación for months, as multiple songs were revealed prior to its release. “Hermosa Ingrata” and “El Ratico” quickly became fan favorites, while “Goodbye For Now,” una colaboración especial with renowned producer Poo Bear, has been stirring quite a buzz recently because… es la primera canción that Juanes has recorded en inglés! Amigas, ¿qué les parece?

Mis Planes Son Amarte is the perfect combination of audio and visual media that highlights el genio de Juanes both as a guitarist and as a storyteller. El álbum ya está disponible en todas las plataformas digitales.

Tracklist (click links to watch the videos):

  1. “Perro Viejo”
  2. “Angel”
  3. “Fuego”
  4. “Alguna Vez” feat. Fonseca
  5. “El Ratico” feat. Kali Uchis
  6. “Hermosa Ingrata”
  7. “Bendecido”
  8. “Es Tarde”
  9. “Actitud”
  10. “Mis Planes Son Amarte”
  11. “Goodbye For Now”
  12. “Esto No Acaba”


Nuestra Lynn Ponder, y the whole Web City Girls team, have always been big supporters of Juanes y Lynn notes that his humility and kindness are what make him un artista extraordinario.


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