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This is a sponsored post, but opinions are my own. I have been living in an apartment for the past 3 years that is in the process of being sold, so I am on a mission looking for a new home. I’m so glad I spoke to a good friend who told me I could find everything I was looking for at

Please click on the link to view my experience in video pictures: is the nation’s only exclusive Spanish apartment-listing site, built and tailored to meet the needs of the rapidly growing Hispanic renter population.  Their app and site made it easy to find features that are most important to me like safety, easy access to down town public transportation because that is where most of my business events take place.

Another important must before I consider moving into any building is that it be pet friendly, because I can’t leave my little dog “Pitipua” behind. I would love if it comes with a washer & dryer as well as a dishwasher. All of these items I could find and check off on during my apartment hunting search.

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Since I am determined to stay in the best possible shape and I’ve been able to do so by swimming, it was great to actually see the visuals of the pool of all the inventory What would make my dream place to live is an amazing ocean view and of that they had many choices.

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I work from home so I’ll be spending much of my time there or within a close proximity of it, so it’s essential that I think this through and glad that is an effective and fun experience. Connect with on social media using hashtag: #MiApartamento 


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