9 Business Learning from MassMutual Webinar

Mi Gente I am always looking ways to create impactful content, reason why I was grateful MassMutual hired me to spread the word via @webcitygirls and @ponderful to the online community about a free webinar for business owners. Business owners are the engines that drive the United States economy and we are proud of all the women business owners — they are truly unstoppable!!!

The hour-long event was moderated by Brian Trzckinski, MassMutual’s Director of Business Markets, who began the webinar sharing key points from MassMutual’s 2015 Business Owner Perspectives Study, and closed the webinar leading a panel of small business experts talking about employee loyalty and engagement. Panelists Monica Villalobos, VP Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (loved her), Paul Sessions Director, Center for Family Business, University of New Haven and Rich Brooks Founder/President, Flyte New Media were on-point and gave countless insights for business owners.

The world is constantly changing and business owners need to be mindful of employee’s mindset. Keeping key employees loyal to the business is the top most business planning issue for small business owners, yet few offer more than health insurance and a generous salary.

Top 9 Business Learnings from MassMutual #RealBusiness Webinar:

  1. In order to protect the business and the family, business owners need to have succession agreements/plans in place and need to be comfortable having the “what if” conversation with family or business partners.
  2. Employees are motivated by three things autonomy, mastery and purpose.
  3. Business owners can keep employees loyal by listening, engaging in an open communication, and encouraging diversity within the company to reflect the employees and customers.
  4. Business Owners need to build-up their social media channels like Linkedln, Twitter and Facebook to echo what the company stands for, in order to attract the type of employees desired.
  5. When interviewing candidates, business owners should get interviewees engaged in discussing their passions and really listening without any pre-conceived notions.
  6. As a business owner, the more you give your employees a voice and a seat at the table, the more loyal the will be.
  7. Business owners should network with other business owners that are facing some of the same challenges and share knowledge to find collective solutions.
  8. Business owners can take advantage of free resources like the Chamber of Commerce, SCORE, Mastermind and Small Business Development Centers.
  9. There has to be a real reason to come to work, not just money and standard benefits. Purpose, meaning, equality is what employees are looking for.

I was also proud to hear Monica Villalobos mention that “Minority Hispanic businesses are growing faster then any other segment of the market because they leverage cultural competency and reflect their customer base through their vendors and employees”.

I want to thank MassMutual for creating the #RealBusiness Webinar to help business owners succeed and grow their business. Please visit  massmutual.com as they have many tools and valuable information that will guide and help you, your family and your business!!!


Author: Lynn Ponder

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