Dresses: The Most Versatile Piece Of Clothing A Girl Can Wear

If you open up any girl’s wardrobe, you’ll find a mixed selection of things. But, no matter what their style is, all girls seem to have a collection of dresses. Why is this? What’s so special about dresses that make them a staple in every girl’s wardrobe?

I did some thinking, and the answer became so obvious; dresses are the most versatile piece of clothing a girl can wear. No matter the situation, there’s probably a dress for it. The same can’t be said for a lot of other items of clothing. There are certain things that will only look good in certain situations. For example, you can wear your gym leggings to Starbucks, but you can’t find a pair that will look good on a night out!

Like I said, it doesn’t matter where you’re going or what you’re doing, there’s a dress for every situation. There are dresses for winter, spring, summer, and even fall too. To illustrate this point, I’ve listed a few different types of dress to show you just how different and versatile they are:

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Party Dresses

It’s fair to say that most of us will wear dresses when we’re getting ready to party. Whether it’s a night on the town or the office Christmas party, a dress will always serve us well. You can get some lovely tight fitted bodycon dresses that show off your figure and make you feel really good about yourself. These are the dresses you usually wear to the club as they’re great for dancing in. Then, you have smaller mini dresses that are a bit looser which would be great for parties or get-togethers. The world is truly your oyster when it comes to choosing a dress for a party. It all depends on the dress code, the place you’re going, and how you’re feeling at the moment.

Business Dresses/Smart Dresses

Is there a better way of illustrating the versatility of dresses than by having the first two types as ‘party dresses’ and ‘business dresses.’ Here, we have two types of dress for two completely different occasions. Business dresses, or smart dresses, are designed for professional settings. They’re the type of thing you can wear to work and still follow the smart dress code. In fact, I will go on the record and say that business dresses are probably my favorite type of dress. You can look like a boss while strutting around the office in a dress, it’s an amazing feeling. Dresses give you that sense of freedom, but the style of these dresses makes you look very professional and smart. Personally, I find a dress way more empowering than a suit.

Dresses For Summer

Dresses really come into their own during the hot summer months. This is where you see more and more people wearing them, as they’re great when you want to stay cool. If you shop for sundresses, you’ll find a whole host of styles at your disposal. Mainly, they all follow the same framework; they’re loose and colorful. The whole aim of a sundress is to give you that breeze and the feeling of coolness when the sun is beating down on you. There are loads of cute summer dresses that vary in length too, depending on when you wear them. If you’re going on holiday, a handful of dresses are always getting chucked into your suitcase.


Casual Dresses

Then we have casual dresses, which are also one of my favorite type of dresses out there. I love wearing a dress when I’m just going out to meet my friends for lunch or a quick coffee. I also know a lot of moms that will wear a casual dress to go pick their kids up from school. Dresses are just so free flowing and easy to wear, they’re brilliant for casual situations if you’re wearing the right style.

Dresses For Dates

Finally, we have those dresses you wear when you want to impress someone on a date. I’m talking about these subtly flirtatious dresses that still remain very classy. If you’ve got a hot date lined up, then a dress will always be at the forefront of your mind as you can do so much with it. I’d say most of us feel like our most beautiful selves when we’re in a dress, and this is exactly how we want to feel on a date!

You see, there are so many types of dress that we can wear in different situations. There is no other item of clothing that can match a dress for versatility. You can look smart in a dress, or sexy, or powerful, or just plain beautiful. They bring out our best features, and everyone should have a big dress collection.

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