October 29, 2017

To: News Media

From: Lynn Ponder

Referring to: Clarification of Lynn Ponder’s role with Whitefish Energy.

Given the amount of inaccurate and false information that has circulated through different media, both in print and digital, I believe it is necessary to clarify such information, since it is tearing a part my personal integrity and my professional reputation.

After 28 years residing and working in the United States mainland, I returned to Puerto Rico in July of this year with the intention of contributing to the island, to the best of my ability, in the recovery of its financial crisis. Through my platforms, my focus in creating positive digital content with visual stories in the form of video and photos to be disseminated on social networks. I am not a public relations manager, nor have I presented myself as such.

After hurricane Maria, my services were contracted by the public relations agency LDWW Group, based in Dallas, Texas, which is the public relations agency for Whitefish Energy (“WF”). The agency hired me with the objective of creating a social media strategy to simply inform and educate the public about the restoration work of the electrical system.

As part of my obligations I had to deliver two videos and photos, upload them to a “Dropbox” of the WF account. The LDWW agency was responsible for creating the description, approving the content and uploading it to Twitter and Facebook. My access to the WF Facebook page was only to translate into Spanish the descriptions that LDWW created on the page.

On a few occasions, at the request of LDWW, I attended, as host or “hostess” to the American press. I was never a spokesperson for WF; as I was never hired for that role.

I never managed the WF Twitter account or had any access to it, so I was not the author of the “tweets” addressed to the mayor of San Juan.

I have asked the Chief Executive Officer of Whitefish Energy, Andy Techmanski and the founder of the public relations agency LDWW Group Ken Luce, to issue a statement clarifying what my duties were with them but, so far, it has not happen.

Having been away from Puerto Rico for so many years, I have not been involved in its partisan politics. After having just arrived here, I attended as digital reporter to the celebration of the centenary of the Casino of Puerto Rico on August 19, 2017. There, for the first and only time in my life I saw the Governor of Puerto Rico and the first lady; just like hundreds of other people, I wanted to take a picture with them. That has been our only contact. I do not work for the first lady nor do I know her. I clarify this because it has been said that I am her public relations agent and this simply is not true.

I am shocked and saddened by the virulence and cruelty with which I have been treated, especially on social networks. There has been everything: insults, jokes and even mockery. They have even involved my mother, who is an elderly woman dealing with chronic illness. All of these, based on half truths and complete lies.

This “cyber-bullying” is something that is happened too often on social media. As responsible adults, each person should make sure they have information that is accurate and complete before making a judgment, and above all, when expressing themselves, they must have compassion with other human beings.

As a personal choice, and as a way to show my commitment to Puerto Rico, I want to share that the day before Hurricane Maria hit the island, I had signed the documents for the acquisition of an apartment. It suffered damage and I have not been able to move to my new home yet, which I had acquired, like everyone who goes through this process, with great enthusiasm. Despite the material damage to my property, and now the damage inflicted by the lies and bullying I’ve experience in the last few weeks, I am still convinced that I can contribute something to my beloved Puerto Rico, since I am very hardworking, innovative and optimistic, qualities that I believe can well serve this country in these hard times.

Today I am reminded of Theodore Roosevelt’s “The Man In The Arena”

When many choose to leave, I stay.



Author: Lynn Ponder

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