Anghami Music for Android TV

Are you looking for something alternative for Spotify, YouTube Music or iTunes? There are not many best music listening apps. Most of them does not have local and international music in one place. Anghami is Arabic music player that has all most all Arabic music and international music. One of the best and easy to use music player.

Most of the TV users are looking for music app that can easily manage only using TV remote. Anghami has separate Android TV version which may support all most all TV boxes including Android TV boxes, Fire TV devices and Google TV. Easily download using your favorite TV store like Play Store TV, Amazon App Store, Filelinked or by using Aptoide TV.

Many powerful speakers or sound bars are connected to TVs. No need to unplug and connect those sound systems to phone in order to listed high quality music. You can install Anghami on your TV box and listed to music easily. If you do not have a TV box, you can install this app on any Android phone using Play Store, AC Market and etc.

Features of Anghami Music App

  • You can create own personalized music library. You can collect different sets of favorite songs and create different playlists for each.
  • This app can recommend songs based on your taste. Recommended songs will be better when more play more and more songs.
  • Discover new music from your favorite artists, latest releases and more.
  • You can find new music or songs from people who has same taste as you. That helps you to find awesome new songs that you have never heard of.
  • You can stay up to date with new songs and artists. Follow your favorite artists to find their new songs.
  • Anghami music app support all most all platforms including smart phones and TV Boxes.
  • Stream or listen to music in high quality. Support up to 320kps in pure Dolby mode.

You can get all those features for free. If you are looking for more, you can choose Anghami plus which is a paid service. You can require decent amount of performance from your device to play high quality songs. Some devices do not have minimum required performance to run streaming app.

You can increase your Android device performance easily with apps like clean master, AVG Cleaner, Bee Booster and etc. Those applications can close all unwanted services, apps and more to boost device performance. As a result, it may increase your storage space by removing junks, and increase battery life too.