Composition And Object As A Fundamental Element Of Photography

The composition is very simple. It is an organization of elements within your photography. It starts with your camera’s position about the object to be photographed and the elements that will appear in it, whether giving more emphasis or not to these elements. You can exclude them entirely or emphasize them, and that’s up to you. Composition is how you tell your story through the photo.

A “good” composition tells a compelling story, with information, without any distraction or confusion. People looking at your photos cannot be confused looking at that image without knowing what they should look at and wondering why that photo was taken.

Composition is the stage of the game, where you ask yourself, “How”. How will I demonstrate beauty, intensity, smoothness, excitement, or any other form of emotion in the scene, as perfectly as possible? But how are you going to make your photo look good? With good composition, one emphasizes parts that are more important in your photo and does not let other less important parts stand out from the most important.

 But you must already imagine that composition is not such a brief subject. This is because there are many elements and ways to compose to highlight your image and bring it to the best point.

Object To Be Photographed

We photograph because something catches the eye. And “that thing” or “something” is your object! For example, if you show or explain a photo to a person, the “object” will be the first thing you will show that person. A large journalistic or documentary photo touches people without them realizing it because it shows people “what is,” or “who is” more important in that image, that is, the object. But most people do not realize this and do not know how and why.

This is because a good object can capture the attention of the person looking at the photo, making even other less essential parts in that photo stand out, such as, for example, a light that enters behind the object or in front.

Of course, for an object to capture the person’s attention looking at the photo, it requires photographic technique and not just a beautiful image. But now tell me, how are you composing your objects? Do you want to completely isolate your object, leaving the background out of focus? Or will your photo show everything in the image very clearly, or will it be artistic with shapes and lights. Also the editing of the object as seen in should be taken into consideration.