How Can You Lock Your iPhone Via IMEI?

One of the things that you should be clear about is that you cannot block a device by IMEI as a user. If you lose or become a victim of theft of your iPhone, you will have to ask your operator for help.

How Can You Do So?

To do this, it is best to make a call, but first, you will have to locate the IMEI of your device or the one you want to block. As we explained above, there are several ways to see iPhone IMEI, but in this case, method number 4 is the most indicated.

It almost always happens that by not anticipating the iPhone IMEI query, you have no way of knowing the code once your phone is lost or stolen. But if you keep the box, you have to find it and look at the sticker located at the bottom (once it is lying in its natural position).

With the IMEI visible, you can call your operator and ask them to lock your phone. They will surely ask you some questions to verify your identity and that you are the legitimate owner of the iPhone that you are going to block, something that should not be a problem because you are supposed to be the device’s owner.

In any case, since there is Find my iPhone, before seeing the blocked iPhone IMEI, we recommend that you try to locate it and even contact the person who found it.

In this case, go to or access the application from another iOS device. Once you enter, you can set it as lost, add a message on the lock screen, lock it or delete the content.

Did this work for you? Its very easy to perform an iPhone IMEI check and hopefully you’ll be able to recover your phone.